­­­Careers in Scanpoint Geomatics

SGL is a growing company working on the cutting edge of geospatial technologies, applications and services.

SGL is an ideal career choice for young graduates and postgraduates who would like to develop their skills on latest technologies and participate in some of the most exciting state-of-the-art software and applications development, deployment and support.

SGL is also a right choice for professionals with a background in software engineering and development, geospatial technology (Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS, Surveying) and IT applications in defence, homeland security, e-governance, mining, power, utilities, infrastructure and natural resources management who would like to further their careers in the exciting and challenging world of geospatial technology, applications and services.

You must be a graduate or postgraduate in engineering (any branch), planning, physics, mathematics, chemistry, geology, geography, botany, zoology, agriculture, environmental sciences, economics, commerce, management or computer applications.

Apart from your field of study you must have excellent knowledge of computer programming, physical geography and mathematics.

Career opportunities exist in:


Positions in Higher, Middle management for Sales, Marketing, Project management, Human Resources Management in India and abroad


Customisation and Integration of IGiS with IT for e-Governance, Business Intelligence, Customer Relations Management, Enterprise Resources Planning, SCADA, etc, using IGiS SDK and industry standard ORDBMS like Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostGres SQL, MS SQL, etc.

Core Development

High end software development for Image Processing of Optical and Radar Data, GIS, GPS, Lidar, etc, in C, C++, VC++, C#, .Net.


Data conversion, Field survey, Mapping and Customer Support for IGiS and customised products