Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd brought a revolution in the field of Geomatics by developing the countries first ever Integrated GIS and Image Processing Software. This software was an outcome of painstaking research carried out by the team of SGL. The software was developed in a joint venture between (SAC) Space Application Centre, ISRO, Govt. of India and SGL.

In the past India had to rely on foreign softwares for overcoming its Geomatics need. This software has undoubtedly manifested a foundation of a new era and has established the name of the country in the field of GIS.

It is precisely said that hard work always pays off. Similar is the case with SGL. SGL team members had invested nearly a decade in the research and development of this software. After the launch of IGiS 1.0 by Dr. Madhavan Nair the then Chairman of ISRO, it has been a boon in the market and threat to many foreign players in the GIS market.

Many government organizations and GIS experts analyzed the software and appreciated its unique features and user friendly interface.

For this innovation, SGL has received many awards.

  • National Award (2012) for successful development and commercialization of IGiS technology from the hands of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Mr. Chirag Soni (CTO) of Scanpoint Geomatics Limited received National Geomatics Award for Technology (2009) from Chief Minister Narendra Modi for developing Integrated Geographic Information and Image Processing Software (IGiS). The award was conferred by Indian Society of Geomatics
  • Geospatial Product of the year  award (2009) was presented to Scanpoint Geomatics Limited and its product development partner Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for developing and integrated GIS and Image Processing Software – IGiS. This award recognizes their efforts in developing a low-cost indigenous GIS product