Business Standard …“ IGiS ver 2 Launched in Ahmedabad by A S Kiran Kumar in Ahmedabad 15th April 2015.

Launching the advanced version of IGiS platform developed by Ahmedabad-based Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. (SGL), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chairman AS Kiran Kumar called for more indigenously developed operational software in the country.

Highlighting the predicament users face while using imported software, Kumar said that more institutions could work on several areas for developing software within the country to save costs.
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GMDC, Scanpoint Geomatics wins India Geospatial Excellence Awards 2015

The India Geospatial Excellence Awards for Application of Geospatial Technology in Mineral Exploration was awarded to Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation and Scanpoint Geomatics for their project titled Manganese, Bauxite and Limestone Reserves Estimation.

Hyderabad (India), February 10, 2015: At the recently concluded India Geospatial Forum, the India Geospatial Awards was organised to recognise and encourage innovations and excellence brought forward by geospatial technology developers.
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Surat Municipal has launch GIS Base on- line citizen interface system developed by Scanpoint Geomatics, Which was launched on 3rd January 2015 by Honorable CM Gujarat SMT Anandiben Patel

(પ્રતિનિધિ દ્વારા) સુરત, ગુરૃવાર, 2nd Jan 2014
જીઓગ્રાફીક ઈન્ફોર્મેશન સિસ્ટમ (જી.આઈ.એસ.)નો ઉપયોગ કરી સુરતના નાગરિકોને વધુ સારી સુવિધા આપવા માટે સુરત પાલિકા કવાયત કરી રહ્યું છે. સુરત શહેરનો બેઈઝ મેપ સહિતની અનેક મહત્વની સુવિધા હવે લોકોને આંગળીના ટેરવે આવી રહી છે. ગુજરાત રાજ્યના મુખ્યમંત્રી આગામી ૩ જાન્યુઆરીએ સુરત પાલિકાની આ સેવાને લોન્ચ કરશે. આ સેવા લોન્ચ થતાં સુરતના નાગરિકોએ પોતાની મહત્વની માહિતી મેળવવા માટે હવે પાલિકા કચેરી સુધી ધક્કા ખાવા નહીં પડે.
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NLRMP - Amreli District

Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. has been awarded Twelve Crores Rupees of contract for Land Resurvey of Amreli District, Gujarat under the NLRMP Programme recently. The total area to be resurveyed is more than 6800 sq. km. There are 11 Taluka’s and 631 villages in Amreli. The contract entails resurvey of each and every land parcel using ETS/DGPS survey equipment. At present, we have deployed more than 50 Trimble R4 DGPS machines. The project is already started by SGL and some taluka jobs is already completed.
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“Geospacial Today” Nov 2012 Article on NLRMP

The Governement of India sponsored National Land Records Modernization Programme aims to develop a modern, comprehensive and transparent land records management system in the country to implement the conclusive land titling system with title guarantee. The Major components of the Progrtamme Comprise computerization of all land records including mutations, digitization of maps and integration of textual and apatial data, computerization of registration, development of core Geospatial Information System and capacity building. The intent of this paper isto provide and overview of implementation of NLRMP and the application development, drawing upon the experiences from Gujarat. The Government of Gujarat has retained Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. To implement the programme by developing a software that couldbe functional at survey.
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First Indigenous Geomatics Software

This is an initiative that could spell a huge technological leap for the country besides saving hundreds of crores in foreign exchange. ISRO is about to launch the country’s first comprehensive indigenous software for Geomatics- ‘Indigenous and GIS and IP software’ or IGiS. With this India poised to become totally self-reliant in the software component of the Geospatial industry which accounted nearly Rs 950 million in 2006-07, with much of it going to foreign players like ESRI, Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Leica Geosystems, Intergraph and PTI Geomatics. IGiS will be installed in all ISRO remote sensing centre’s resulting in huge cost savings.
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Meet the Indian innovators who have a made a mark

New Delhi: As India make advance in the field of Science and Technology, from successfully launching nuclear missiles to inventing robots that treat cancer, one should not forget the people behind these innovations. On May 11, 1998, India exploded a nuclear device in the face of international sanctions. Since then, the country has felicitated engineers and scientists this day, people who have developed indigenous technology for the national good; May 11 is National Technology Day. Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam himself stepped in to do the honors. Ramesh Sojitra was the first to step up to the dias. He makes software that matches satellite images with GPS co-ordinates.
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Chirag Soni gets ISG National Geomatics award 2009

In the recently concluded national conference on Climate Change: Coastal ecosystems’ organized by Indian Society of Geomatics (ISG) held at Ahmedabad during 4-6 February, 2010, Chirag Soni, Chief Technical Officer, Scanpoint Geomatics Limited (SGL) was awarded the National Geomatics Award for technology-2009 for his contribution in the field of developing indigenous integrated geographic information and image processing software. He has contributed significantly in the realization of single indigenous geographic information and image processing software to meet the needs of various natural resources development applications and reducing the dependence on commercial packages adopting international standards such as CMMI, ISO and ISRO software standards.
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Business India Newsletter

Late last month, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), in collaboration with Scanpoint Geomatics, a small Ahmedabad-based software company, launched an Indian GIS (geographical information system) software. “Unlike other imported off-the-shelf software of the same genre, it also combines the image processing capabilities,” informs Ramesh Sojitra, MD, Scanpoint Geomatics, IGiS (Integrated Geographical and Image Processing Software) has been developed by ISRO and Scanpoint together. The GIS software, which has wide-ranging applications both in government and industry, is used in analyzing satellite data.
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A photo studio grows into an image processing Software firm and helps India beat a global ban

As an 18-year-old he ran away from his house in Dhoraji, Gujarat, to Mumbai and found work at a colour print studio. He stayed there for 10 years, mopping floors apart from work and studies. A fast learner, he soon established his own colour print studio in Ahmedabad, eventually turning it into a top class software development company. Today, Ramesh Sojitra, 44, has come up with mapping software described as “revolutionary” by none other than former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chairman R. Madhavan Nair. The software is not only a big help to the Indian armed forces but is also making the task of governance, by mapping India, easier and cheaper.
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