IGiS Architecture

Highly scalable Geospatial platform for Desktop, Enterprise, Mobile, Web and Cloud.

Three major components.

Supported with OGC SFA standard for storing raster and vector data.

To share, manage and distribute your GIS data on Intranet/internet. Server supports OGC services like WMS, WCS and WFS etc.

Presentation Layer:
Top component of IGiS provides IGiS Desktop, IGiS Web View and Q-Pad Mobile GIS for creation and analysis of GIS data.
All components are customizable


The ORDBMS layer consists of IGiS Database Server and File Server, and is the lowermost layer of the Business Logic layer. IGiS Database server contains spatial and non-spatial data. GIS and imagery data in this layer can reside not only on the database but also the file server. In addition, it can also reside on a third party SFA compliant server or an OGC compliant service. All front-end applications in the presentation layer are served data from any of these servers or services. It supports standard communications protocol such as TCP/IP, HTTP.

Server Applications

The topmost layer of the Business logic Layer is the Application Server for GIS/IP and Web Services. Application Server layer consists of the GIS and Image Processing capabilities for data processing, analysis and a set of callable APIs that provide the customization capabilities for different types of applications in the presentation layer. It facilitates IGiS OGC web services like WCS, WMS and WFS respectively. Application Server layer supports standard communications protocols such as HTTP, TCP/IP and SOAP.

Presentation Layer

Users interact with the IGiS server using any of four different applications:

  • IGiS Desktop Application
  • IGiS Web Application
  • IGiS QPad Mobile Application
  • Third party Desktop/Web Client Application

IGiS Desktop Application

IGiS desktop application is Windows based. It is used for data preparation, analysis and production of digital maps. It has the facility to create, view, symbolize, analyze, edit and print maps. It works as a thin/thick client. It supports WCS, WMS, WFS protocol’s and SFA data support. For the purpose of customization, a SDK (IGiS Object Library Modules) is available as a set of DLLs. Application can be programmed with VB, VC/C++, .NET, JAVA.

IGiS Web Application

IGiS web application is a platform independent, browser based thin client. It can be executed on personal computers and laptops. This application supports IGiS functions through OGC web services like WCS, WMS and WFS for fetching and displaying GIS data on the browser. For customization purpose, a SDK (IGiS Object Library Modules) is available as a set of DLLs. Application can be programmed in ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP.


IGiS QPad Mobile Application

IGiS Q-Pad mobile application is a well-designed enterprise solution used for mobile GIS and mapping applications. It works on Microsoft Windows Compact Edition (WinCE) operating system as a thick/thin client and supports WMS protocol. For the purpose of customization, the SDK (QPad WinCE object library) is available as a set of DLLs. Application can be programmed in eVB, eVC++, .Net.

Third party Application

A Third party Desktop/Web client application having support for WCS, WMS, WFS protocol and SFA data support can work as a Thick/Thin client on Windows OS. However the same Third party application working on a Web client would work as a platform independent thin client.