IGiS Web Client

IGiS Web View:

It is a web browser based client to view and analyze data. It works as a thin/thick client. Using this tool sharing of GIS data over the web becomes more efficient. IGiS Web View brings the convenience of accessing high quality and ready to use maps over the web. User can view, query, analyze and edit spatial data and maps. It supports IGiS and OGC web services like WCS, WMS and WFS for displaying and fetching GIS data on the browser. IGiS Web View provides support for all known web browsers. It provides the capability to support a number of clients with high performance output. Using IGiS Web view there is no requirement for a client side component to perform over the web.

Features of IGiS Web View

Developer can customize the web application using API Industry Known Web Browser Support
Zoom tools Panning facility
View map at full extent Identify tool to display attribute information
Go to next/previous extent Layer management
Create/View bookmarks Find any data associated with the map data
View/print the map layout Measurement tool
Querying data set transparency to layers
set visible scale on/off Report Generation
Redline Editing tool
Provide hyperlinks to jump to any location on the map Support external layers Google, Yahoo, Bing Maps etc

IGiS Globe View (Optional )

It is a thin client containing the 3D environment which includes facility to view real-time 3D terrain as well as tools for editing, analyzing and annotating the photorealistic view data. GIS data available at the server can be easily viewed in a 3D environment. The application will be used to overlay the vector, raster and elevation data so that one can view the terrain with attributes. It offers an on line measurement tool, messaging/chatting facility, tooltip, snapshot creation, movie creation, almanac and the query analyzer tool.

IGiS Globe View is a next generation futuristic tool which will be used for the creation of 3D city based modeling, using required data such as building polygons with height information, road networks, water bodies etc. Also, one can apply texture to roads, buildings and any other objects on the ground for modeling a city.

Features of IGiS Globe View

Developer can customize the Globe View using API 3D Fly-through with Six Degrees of Movement
Load & Save project to Fly, KML and KMZ formats Load & Create new feature layers
Spatial and attribution queries Measurement Tools
Edit and update feature layers geometry and attributes Add and Edit basic objects (label, line and polygon)
Create raster pyramid View Navigation Map & Create Movie
Load imagery and elevation layers Add and Edit all 2D and 3D objects
Advance drawing tools Snapshot Creation
Navigation tools (GPS tracking, target and Multiple coordinate system) Add and Edit Advanced objects (Video on terrain, terrain modification and dynamic objects)

IGiS Desktop (Client)

IGiS desktop acts as a thick/thin client in internet/intranet environment. It supports protocols like WMS, WCS WFS and WFS-T. This system serves as a client for remote or local database and is capable to work in online or offline mode in a client-server environment. It also provides support for OGC services provided by external or third party servers. It has facility to solve the problem of data centralization.

Q-Pad (Mobile client) – Optional Software

Q-Pad is a Mobile GIS Application which works on Windows CE based hand held device. Q-Pad can access data of IGiS Server using OGC services. Q-Pad can work in both online and offline mode. In Offline mode, it will store or access GIS data using shape file. Use of Q-Pad is used extensively for field survey and data collection activities using GPS, Map navigation and GIS data analysis.