• Post Graduate Degree in Geomatics : Two Years (4 Semester)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Geomatics : One Year (2 Semesters)
  • Certificate in Geomatics : Six Months (1 Semester)
  • Customized courses also available


Graduates/ Post Graduates in Engineering, Science, Commerce, Geography, Economics, Business Administration, Computer Application can apply. Candidates appearing in the qualifying examination can also apply, however, their admission shall be valid only on producing the grades/ certificate to prove eligibility.

*All Programmes Recognized by Gujarat University

Course Structure

The general design philosophy of the Courses is to equip students with a broad range of career opportunities in geospatial information technology, enabling them to contribute to their profession and succeed at local, national and international levels. The focal areas are Remote Sensing, GIS, Surveying, Photogrammetry and Computer Programming

Semester I - Programme Applicability: PG Degree, PG Diploma, Certificate

Core Courses

Remote Sensing Geographical Information System (GIS)
Statistics 1 Surveying 1
Cartography Computer Programming 1


Remote Sensing



Computer Programming

Semester II - Programme Applicability: PG Degree, PG Diploma

Core Courses

Advanced Remote Sensing Advanced GIS
Statistics 2 DIP
Surveying 2 Photogrammetry
Computer Programming 2  


Integrated GIS & IP Software (IGIS)



Computer Programming

Semester III - Programme Applicability: PG Degree

Core Courses

Navigation System Research Methodology
Computer Programming 3  

Specialization (choose any three subjects)

Geology/ Seismology

Urban Planning

Natural Resource Management

Hydrology Modeling

Environmental Impact Assessment

Infrastructure Planning

Geospatial Project Management System

Advanced Modeling Techniques

Semester IV - Programme Applicability: PG Degree

Core Courses

Organization Induction Programme
Organization Training

Fees Structures

The fee for each semester includes tuition fee, examination fee, reading material charges, computer charges, internet charges, library fee, and infrastructure development charges

Semester I Rs. 50,000
Semester II Rs. 35,000
Semester III Rs. 35,000
Semester IV Rs. 35,000

*The fee structure is subject to revision from time to time

FacultyCore Faculty

Director Prof, Arup R Dasgupta, M E(Electronics), (formerly Deputy Director, Space Application Centre, ISRO)   Dean Dr. K V Chitharanjan, PGDP (Urban Planning), Ph D
Faculty Prof. Nirzar Lakhia, M Sc (Geology), M Sc (Applied Geology), PGD (Geomatics)   Dr. Chandra Subramanium, M Sc (Geography), Ph D
Dr. S D Naik, M Sc (Geology), PGD (Photo Geology), Ph D   Prof. Y P Pathak, M Sc (Cartography)
Dr. Aishwarya Narayan, M Sc (Botany), Ph D, (formerly Director, UP Space Application Centre)   Prof. Yogesh Yagnik, M Tech (Civil)
Prof. S R Joshi, M A (Psychology) (formerly Group Director, ISRO)   Dr. M R Shivaraman, M Sc (Physics), Ph D

Visiting Faculty

Dr. A K Sinha, M Sc (Soils), Ph D, (Adviser, Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd.)   Chirag Soni, M Sc (IT), MBA (Director, Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd.)
Dr. M N Patel, M Sc (Statistics), Ph D (Professor, Gujarat University)   Prof. Madhukant Patel Former Scientist / Engineer ISRO
Komal Parikh, M E (Geotech), (Faculty, CEPT University)   Payal Jasani, M Sc (IT) (Faculty, Chanakya Institute)
Dr. M. C. Gupta Ph D Physics, Former Scientist ISRO