Application Customization

We provide number of services such as Web GIS Services, Spatial Function Web Services and SDK based application development for various industries.

  • IGiS can be incorporated with user defined features and automation tools through Spatial Graphics Language (Software Development Kit). The software is made available in the form of a library of reusable components for further re-engineering.
  • IGiS can be customized for web GIS applications, performance optimization for dedicated applications and various other application needs. Web and application development solutions of SGL ensure the highest quality in performance and scalability. IGiS manages a large amount of data with ease which in turn saves time and increases productivity.
  • SGL has customized applications for Urban planning, Power, Agriculture, Forestry, Smart Tracker and SGL Land Information. Our products can further be customized for usage in specific areas like Minerals, Mining, Water Resource Management, Urban and Rural Development, Facility Management such as Telecommunication, Electricity Distribution System, Water Pipeline, Sewage Lines and Retail Management.