We provide full chain of services such as purchasing, processing and interpretation of data in all formats. IGiS, Geomatics application software enables visualization of spatial data .i.e. Raster and Vector geographically. IGiS also interprets the data and simplifies it for further analysis. It manipulates raster and vector data for standard analysis. Furthermore, it helps to generate maps, images and provides all the tools needed to input data on a map and display it in an effective manner. IGiS also solves the geo-locational and attribute based queries, presents the results of work in the form of publication-quality maps and creates an interactive display that links reports, graphs, tables, drawing, photographs and other elements to the data. IGiS has the capability to convert any type of data.

  • Raster to vector conversion – attribute generation and calculation, projection definitions, map generation and composition.
  • Digitization services – Mapping Land use/Land Cover Mapping, Drainage, Hydrogeomorphology, Desertification, Snow and Glacial Topography, Natural Resource Census, Remote Sensing and Image Processing.
  • GPS/DGPS based survey & mapping – Asset codification and Consumer indexing, Vehicle Tracking System, Web GIS.
  • Satellite Data Processing - Procurement of satellite data, Pre-processing of the data, Visual Image Interpretation, Advanced Digital Image Processing/Analysis, Multi Temporal remote sensing database, Ortho Photo Rectification, Digital Terrain Model Generation (DTM).