SGL Tour to Mount abu

As a part of HR activity, Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd’s HR team organizes a tour to special places. The members of SGL were taken to an outing last year in the month of July to Udaipur and Mount Abu. There were around 75 members from the company. It was a 3 day tour and the members of SGL anticipated this moment for a long time. The employees were allowed to come along with their family members and children. There were two buses hired for this tour and the accommodation and boarding was booked in hotel Sudhir in Mount Abu. The journey started at around 11:30 pm on 16th July 2011, it was a late night journey. During the journey there were lots of entertaining moments which included singing, dancing and many other things. The buses reached Udaipur early morning and much of the joy of everyone; they witnessed a beautiful crack of dawn. Everyone was thrilled and looking forward to enjoy the tour to the fullest.

On the tour many significant places were visited by the members of SGL. The places included Nakki Lake, Dilwada, Sahelion ki Bari a beautiful garden and City Palace. Both the places Udaipur as well as Mount Abu, was full of picturesque beauty. The members also enjoyed rain during their tour.

It was a very energizing experience for all of them and the HR team promised many more tours in the upcoming years.