Tracking & Warning System


To create a GIS based centralized application for tracking and monitoring boats in the sea at anytime and anywhere in the world. It would provide facility to register boats and crew information as well as managing details of each trips of all boats. Import Data from Biometric device for getting crews information.

The Tracking and Warning System (TWS) for Fishing Boats Software is a GIS based centralized application for tracking and monitoring boats in the sea at anytime and anywhere in the world. TWS Software resides at the TWS Control Stations (TWSCS), TWS Monitoring Stations (TWSMS) and Vessel Traffic & Port Management System (VTPMS). Using the Boat and Crew Register menu, user can register boats and crews information and store them in the database. Each boat will have a terminal device for communication, sending position data automatically) and warnings (using panic button) to the TWSCS.

Application Customization Approach

The software retrieves the data of biometric device by importing file containing crew information. The boats and crews information will be stored into the database for future use. The software provides facility to track and monitor the boats by displaying its present geographical location on the map. While monitoring the boats the software is able to send the warnings to the boats by directly selecting the boats from the maps. The situation for sending the warnings can be when the boat is approaching geofence, when the boat is under threat of natural calamities, need to send a message to change the configuration of boat terminal device for update the time interval between position data transmission. After the boat trip is completed, boat & crews information is retrieved through the End Trip procedure. At any point of time, the controllers at TWSCS, TWSMS & VTPMS can view the history of the boats and crews information using Trip History function, as well as can track the positions of the selected boat on the map with defined date and time stamps. The software is having the facility to convert any TWSMS or VTPMS to the TWSCS by changing the administrative access logins available under Administration submenu. Controllers can generate different types of reports and map layouts as output. The predefined reports available are Sent Message Report, Alert Message Report, Boat Information Report, Crew Information Report, Operator wise Users Information Report, User Logs and Trip Report. These reports are pre-formatted and are ready to use for print.

Key Features

  • Boat tracking and Geo fence management
  • Receive boat locations (latitude & longitude) and display on digital map.
  • Audiovisual warning and blinking of boat on digital map.
  • Find a boat or group of boats in the map based on the attributes of Boats and Crews.
  • Creating and editing Geofence.
  • Boat data management
  • Boat data collection
  • Trip management
  • Boat Information
  • Boat history
  • Find Boat
  • Boat Check In & Check out status
  • Crew Data Management
  • Crew data collection
  • Crew Information
  • Import biometric data (Check in / out details)

Messaging & Warning System

  • Sending and receiving messages /alerts to Boat or a multiple boats at a time using Selection tools, query builder & Attribute table. [Facilities of IGiS.]
  • Send messages/warnings to boats like
  • Message to get Boat location
  • Trip management
  • Warning for approaching Geofence [Automatically send Warning when boat approaches Geofence.]
  • Natural Calamity
  • Receive Alerts from boat like
  • Geofence
  • Distress
  • Tamper
  • Battery Remove
  • Viewing message status.
  • Audio/Visual Warnings and blinking of boats on screen at time of receiving alerts from boats.
  • Store sent/received messages and retrieve history of messages whenever required.


  • Sent message Report
  • Received alerts reports
  • Boat and Crew information reports
  • Trip information reports
  • User log reports

User’s Information

Aatash Computers and Communications Pvt. Ltd.
C-14, Vishal Tower, Ramdev nagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad – 380051.