Watershed Prioritization


To develop an analytical software using IGiS was expressed which would be similar to the existing system at the client end. The software would then prioritize watersheds based on parametric methods. Thus an effort will be made to develop software for runoff and sediment load estimation watershed prioritization which can be distributed amongst the users.

Management of watershed encompasses various activities from delineation through prioritization to monitoring and prioritization of the watershed is one of the most important activities. There are many different ways for watershed prioritization like weight based, index based, Sediment Yield Index (SYI) calculation, Run-off Volume calculation and Sediment Yield calculation. And out of this calculation of runoff and sediment yield from watershed is well documented and standardized.

Application Customization Approach

In this application user can perform calculation of runoff and sediment yield from watershed using vector data. The vector data can be manipulated using GIS functionalities of IGiS. We can get the report of different index calculations.

Key Features

  • Index calculation
  • Socio Economic Index
  • Facility Development Index
  • Economic Development Index
  • Watershed prioritization estimation
  • Sediment Yield Index
  • Runoff Volume method

User’s Information

Space Applications Center(SAC),ISRO, Govt. of India
Ambavadi Vistar P.O.,Ahmedabad