Utility – Power sector

In India a number of path breaking initiatives have been taken to revamp the power sector to bring about an efficient distribution system. At present transmission and distribution losses are between 30-40%, mainly due to thefts and pilferage. The Restructured Accelerated Power Distribution Reforms Programme, R-APDRP, of the Power Finance Corporation is a major effort to resolve these and other problems of power distribution. Scanpoint Geomatics Limited (SGL) has prepared a power distribution solution – “IGiS-Power Line Package (IGiS-PLP)” on their IGiS platform, based on the R-APDRP specifications, which provides comprehensive spatial information based power distribution management system to power utilities.

Features of IGiS-Power Line Package (PLP)

Main Modules of IGiS-PLP are: Network Preparation & Management, Energy Audit, Optimization Studies like Capacitor placement, Network reconfiguration, Conductor upgradation, Load balancing and Load allocation, Network Analysis Studies such as Balanced/Unbalanced load flow, Voltage drop Analysis and Fault Analysis (Symmetrical/ Unsymmetrical), Network Forecasting, Asset Management which consists of Maintenance Management & Outage Management, Interface to Customer Relationship Management and Cost Estimates and Financial Analysis.


User Interface Facility

IGiS-PLP has the ability to easily integrate to industry standard analysis tools like SCADA, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) & CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The system can communicate with Automatic online Meter Reading devices. The System is capable of scheduling and collecting readings from consumer meters / Distribution Transformers meters through the automatic meter reading system.



IGiS-PLP has an open-ended architecture and it meets all the guidelines specified by R-APDRP (Restructured - Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme),an initiative by the Ministry of Power- Government of India to assist the State Electrical Power Distribution Utilities in India for implementation of IT infrastructure. Additionally, the software also has other additional features, such as High Voltage Distribution System Planning and Preparation of Techno-commercial Proposal for the same, to cater to the present requirements for electrical power distribution optimization. Other modules in the software.

Power Transmission and Distribution

Network Creation and Generation

  • IGiS-PLP provides a facility to directly import GPS asset data along with its attributes.
  • This further facilitates the user in importing the base map of the utility area along with its land properties.
  • No digitization is required in Network generation module as an inbuilt logic has been designed to import the asset data along with line connection as per the power flow direction.

Maintenance Management

  • IGiS-PLP aims at better planning and coordinating various maintenance activities; reduces breakdowns by inculcating the culture of preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Reports will enable the Management Decision Support System to monitor the health of a particular item, the present status of the maintenance carried out on the assets and the identification of backlogs in the maintenance work.

Customer Indexing and Asset Mapping

  • IGiS-PLP consists of a system for capturing, storing, checking, integrating, manipulating, analyzing and displaying geo data related to positions on the Earth's surface and data related to attributes of the entities/Customers in a utility area.
  • It pertains to both vector and raster GIS. This is achieved through GIS mapping to pre-defined scale, generation of intelligence electrical network maps, super imposing them on the land base GIS maps and through customization and / or development of application software.

Load Flow Analysis

  • IGiS-PLP consists of a module that will analyze and calculate Technical Loss for any given section of the network based on GIS based network information and load flow studies.
  • IGiS-PLP has an Analytical Capability to perform Balanced/Unbalanced Load Flow and Voltage Drop Analysis for technical loss calculations.
  • Newton-Raphson method for Transmission study.
  • It also indicates violation of loading voltage and current limits.
  • IGiS-PLP dynamically generates Single Line Diagrams for end users.

Fault Analysis

  • IGiS-PLP software provides following short circuit analysis:
    • LL
    • LLG
    • SLG
    • 3 phase
  • The short circuit module shall provide values for fault currents for different types of fault and also presents the fault.
  • voltage and impedance analysis throughout the network taking into account pre-fault loading condition .
  • A user shall specify any point in the system and the analysis will return fault values for all points downstream.

Energy Auditing and AT&C computation

The objective of this module is to monitor important distribution parameters, capture hierarchical view of energy accounting, network assets of power distribution utilities, identify revenue leakage thereby, adding these into perform network planning and management activities and calculate / identify technical and commercial losses at any point in the network.

  • Energy Audit can be performed on Actual and Prorata basis.
  • Collection of energy flow data from metering module.
  • The system generates graphical analysis of losses over a defined period.

Outage Management

  • IGiS-PLP has Capability of reviewing any outages or overhaul’s and shutdowns being planned and the maintenance work planned during that period.
  • A detail record of the outages that have occurred in the networks so that the utility managers can keep a check on the overall system performance.
  • Location of power failure is stored in the system database so that the overall system performance can be evaluated.
  • Key performance indicators like AT&C losses, SAIFI, SAIDI, CAIDI ,MAIFI (but not limited to) will be highlighted for every level of the network hierarchy.

Asset Management

  • IGiS-PLP aims at the enhancement of assets for their better utilization and management by keeping a computerized record of their type, maintenance schedules and outage reports.
  • Maintenance and generation of various Management Information System (MIS) reports required for top management, middle level management and respective unit offices.
  • Maintaining a record of maintenance work carried out and keeping a record of outages occurring in the network to measure overall network performance.

Distribution Planning

IGiS-PLP software facilitates Optimization studies like Capacitor placement, Network reconfiguration, re-routing, Conductor up-gradation, Load balancing, DTR Relocation and Load allocation. In addition, it helps in Network Forecasting through Trend Analysis of the rising load demand.

Load Forecasting

IGiS-PLP provides load distribution forecast to meet future load growth considering extrapolation, simulations and econometric methods.